Kelly Lindsey has joinedPM Engineeras Managing Editor. Lindsey comes toPMEfromService & Contractingmagazine, another Business News Publishing Co. publication, where she held the position of Managing Editor for the heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration journal. She has also held editorial positions onPackagingandControl Engineeringmagazines. Lindsey will work closely withPMEEditor Jim Olsztynski in planning and putting together future issues ofPM Engineer. "I'm really looking forward to learning more about the plumbing and mechanical industry, and I hope to hear fromPM Engineer's readers about the articles they read in this quality magazine," Lindsey said. Lindsey is taking the place of John Koski, who is joiningWood & Wood Productsmagazine as Senior Editor. Koski is a serious amateur woodworker and will be putting his extensive knowledge of the woodworking industry to use in writing feature articles for manufacturers of furniture and other wood products. "PMEis fortunate to have obtained Kelly Lindsey as Managing Editor," Koski said. "In working with her during the transition period, I've found that she has displayed a high level of editorial and organizational skills, and has shown a strong desire to learn about the plumbing industry. In addition, her background withService & Contracting, a magazine published for the HVAC industry, will be a definite asset toPME."