Symmons Industries offers several shower systems, including the Temptrol pressure-balancing valve, the heart of many shower and bath systems that combine temperature control and function with a sleek, ergonomic styling. A variety of finishes, trim choices, and price points is available. The new Allura tub and tub/shower systems feature the Temptrol pressure-balancing valve. Allura systems are available in a variety of configurations and handle options, featuring the exclusive Euro-Flo shower heads and hand sprays. Finish options include polished chrome, satin, and Symmons' exclusive Radiance polished brass. Traditional and elegant, Olde Braintree Brass shower and tub/shower systems are available in a variety of finishes and feature the Temptrol pressure-balancing valve made of solid brass, bronze and stainless steel. The line meets all ADA-compliance guidelines and conforms to all codes and standards for anti-scald protection, water and energy savings. SafteymixR Visu-TempR shower and bath systems combine the safety and reliability of the pressure-balancing Safetymix valve with a built-in thermometer. Ideal for applications requiring accurate, preselected water temperature, it allows bathers to pre-select a wide range of temperatures using Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees. Symmons' line of single- and double-handled Symmetrix faucets for kitchen and lavatory (as well as bar and laundry) feature contemporary stylingand solid brass and copper construction. www.symmons.comSymmons Industries.