If you are applying to be a licensed engineer in New York, it will cost you $345 more than if you were applying in Idaho or Oregon, according to a new study by Zweig White & Associates, Inc.

The "Guide to Doing Business in All 50 States for A/E/P & Environmental Consulting Firms" reports that application fees are highest in New York, Texas, Arkansas and Nevada. In comparison, Alabama, Maine and Delaware boast mere $10 fees for licensure, while Idaho and Oregon charge no fees at all.

Other findings include:

  • Only Michigan and New Jersey have specific registration requirements for planners. Connecticut and Massachusetts require environmental consultants to attain professional registration in their states.

  • California, New York and Texas are prime states for recruiting new talent. These states have the most accredited engineering and architecture programs: California has 30 schools with engineering programs and eight for architecture, while New York has 21 schools with engineering programs and 10 for architecture, and Texas has 20 programs for engineering and seven for architecture.

The 410-page report offers a state-by-state look at the business environment, licensing, and key requirements for starting a business as well as contact information.

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