After six months of flawless performance, the usage of Cognetive Systems’ i-Lav technology at Ballantyne Village in NC has been expanded beyond its initial monitoring of resources such as water, consumables such as paper and soap, and service personnel.

After six months of flawless performance at Ballantyne Village, Cognetive Systems’ i-Lav product--initially employed to monitor i-Lav-enabled enMotion® towel and RollMastr® tissue dispensers manufactured by Georgia-Pacific Corp.-has now been expanded to include monitoring lavatory water valves equipped with i-Lav enabled AutoFlush™ Units, manufactured by Technical Concepts.

The i-Lav enhancement at Ballantyne, NC, the showcase development project of Sheild Property Company, provides “point-of-use” water consumption monitoring, individual water valve usage and preventative maintenance statistics. Flushometer monitoring and paper dispenser monitoring are performed automatically and wirelessly, while lavatory maintenance information is available via the Internet, and instant notification is provided via email or instant messaging.

The impact of i-Lav in any commercial property encompasses labor savings, reduced operating costs, visibility and accountability of water conservation efforts, and improved tenant and customer satisfaction. i-Lav wirelessly communicates the status of lavatory appliances and plumbing fixtures. Empty paper towel or toilet paper dispensers, out-of-stock soap or sanitizer and water problems in restrooms can be significantly reduced or eliminated through instant notification to maintenance, automatic work order generation, and lavatory maintenance schedule optimization-resolving many of the top complaints received by property managers and building owners.

Currently located inside Georgia-Pacific’s enMotion paper towel and Rollmastr toilet tissue dispensers at Ballantyne Village, i-Lav signals maintenance when a dispenser is near empty and provides management statistical usage and consumption reports.

Georgia-Pacific Vice President of Marketing, Dan Silk, commented, “The marriage of operational technology with the management of facilities is an absolute for the future. Georgia-Pacific is the only company that can bring the touch-free paper dispensing system technology that provides hygienically superior, operationally efficient and environmentally sound solutions all in a single platform. Combine this with remote monitoring technology from Cognetive Systems and we all deliver a must-have solution.”

“Technical Concepts’ vision is to provide clean, hygienic restrooms through touch-free, advanced automation and enhanced service, offering the away-from-home customer the quality and protection they demand. Cognetive Systems’ i-Lav technology reinforces our commitment to innovative market leadership. Linking our systems, which include AutoFlush, Auto Faucet, One Shot Auto Soap and Microburst Air Fresheners, with the i-Lav System fits our market strategy precisely. Together we offer affordable, intelligent solutions that facilitate improved levels of hygiene, service and management reporting. We see Ballantyne Village as a terrific environment to launch this latest endeavor. It is certain to advance our place in washroom markets worldwide," Jerry McDermott, Technical Concepts Executive Vice President of Marketing and Product Development, said.

An overhead distant shot of Ballantyne Village.

“i-Lav is truly the first step in our LEED strategy for phase two and three at Ballantyne Village. We are very pleased with its performance and we look forward to continuing the rollout throughout the campus. i-Lav is a terrific compliment to the Intelligent Buildings’ Fourth Utility® concept, based on the Cisco Connected Real Estate platform that we’ve employed here. Add in i-Lav’s impact on conservation through monitoring water usage and consumption, and we have no doubt it will help accomplish our goals-adding value to Ballantyne Village, increasing our tenant satisfaction, and contributing to a clean, green environment” explained George Sheild, president of Sheild Property Company.

The future of building management is based on utilizing the Internet as a data acquisition and communication network. Cognetive Systems’ i-Lav technology monitors usage of resources such as water, consumables such as paper and soap, and service personnel. It accommodates real-time management by providing statistical reporting for all authorized personnel, regardless of location, as well as immediate alerts via email, mobile phone, or PDA for carrying out corrective actions. Data may be used to control usage, monitor for compliance, automatic ordering and consumables restocking and service scheduling.

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