The SANIVITE gray water pumping system from SFA Saniflo Inc. is small enough to fit inside a kitchen cabinet or under a sink, yet powerful enough to handle discharged wastewater from a variety of plumbing fixtures and kitchen and laundry appliances. Like the other models in the Saniflo line of macerating systems, the fully automatic Sanivite drains through small-diameter piping that runs entirely above the floor (inside or outside the walls). As a result, a new kitchen sink, dishwasher, bar sink, urinal, hand basin and shower stall, even a whirlpool tub, can be installed where no drainage currently exists. Wastewater from sanitary fixtures enters the compact, 11-inch x 15-inch x 7-inch Sanivite container via two 1.5-inch inlets, located on either side of the unit, which is made of polypropylene. Entry of the wastewater triggers a microswitch in the pressure chamber, activating the pump motor. Operating at 10 pounds per square inch, the Sanivite pump will move wastewater upwards of 12 feet vertically and 150 feet horizontally. (A vertical run of 3 feet is equal to a horizontal run of 30 feet.) This wastewater is immediately discharged, after which the microswitch automatically deactivates the Sanivite. The operating cycle lasts no more than 10 seconds, minimizing power consumption and noise, which is comparable to a conventional toilet flushing.