RectorSeal® announces the latest addition to its Metacaulk® Line of Firestop Products-Metacaulk® Cast-In-Place Firestop Devices. This new device can save contactors the substantial cost of drilling holes in each floor of a building after the concrete floors are poured by providing an array of firestopped pass-through sleeve systems. Metacaulk® Cast-In-Place Firestop Devices are designed for use in poured concrete floors by mechanical, electrical, and plumbing contractors. This highly intumescent device can be attached to either the plywood form or directly to a metal deck prior to the concrete floor being poured. Once the concrete is poured and the forms are removed, Metacaulk® Cast-In-Place Firestop Devices provide a firestopped opening that allows for a wide variety of materials to pass through it. There's no need for additional firestop materials or installation labor required with many current systems. These devices can accommodate plastic, metal, insulated pipes, line sets and cable or wire bundles. The larger than normal opening in the top of the sleeve allows for flexible positioning of the penetrating item. Guides in the sleeve automatically position the penetrating item through the hole in the device, simplifying the installation process.