Sloan Valve Co., the leading manufacturer of water-conserving plumbing systems, has introduced the Sloan Flushometer™, a manual Flushometer that comes in contractor-friendly job-pack packaging for faster, easier installations. Features of the Sloan Flushometer include: high copper, low zinc brass castings for dezincification resistance; Sloan's exclusive Permex® diaphragm, which protects the Flushometer from harmful chloramines; the protected by-pass, which blocks foreign particles; and non-hold-open handle and no external volume adjustment to ensure water conservation. Job-pack packaging reduces installation time by shipping Flushometer rough-in components and finishing components separately. Plus, all main valve components and subassemblies come fully assembled. Each job-pack package contains two fully assembled valves with handles and six separately packaged stops and supply kits, making it faster and easier to install multiple Flushometers at a job site. The Sloan Flushometer line includes exposed water closet, urinal and service sink Flushometers.