Mikron Infrared and UE Systems are offering a free DVD describing how thermography and ultrasound complement one another in a proactive maintenance program. Featuring nationally known thermography expert Lowry Eads and ultrasound authority Alan Bandes, the video covers safety issues, applications, and advantages of the joint technologies. The range of applications includes leaks, loose connections, low or excess lubrication, arcing, bearing failures, etc., in motor control centers, drives, steam traps, compressed air systems, valves and a wide range of other plant equipment. A new technology is also described for safely checking electrical cabinets and motor control centers without opening panels or de-energizing circuits. Free copies of the DVD can be obtained by calling Mikron toll-free at 1-888-506-3900 or by visitingwww.mikroninfrared.com/new/dvdrequest.htm.