Tyco Fire & Building Products has introduced the new CC2 Combustible Concealed Sprinkler.

Tyco Fire & Building Products, a business unit of Tyco Engineered Products & Services, has introduced the new CC2 Combustible Concealed Sprinkler. The second combustible concealed sprinkler to be offered by Tyco, the CC2 offers increased coverage and spacing, as well as well as a wider range of application options than standard combustible concealed sprinklers. The CC2 is a fast response, upright specific application sprinkler designed to provide protection of light hazard combustible, as well as non-combustible, concealed spaces requiring sprinkler protection. These combustible concealed areas include narrow attics, interstitial spaces between floors, and eave spaces that are accessible for storage, all of which can become highly volatile in the occurrence of a fire. The UL-listed CC2 features a 5.6 K-factor, an increased maximum coverage area from 100 square feet to 144 square feet, increased maximum spacing from 10 feet to 12 feet, and can be use with wet or dry pipe sprinkler systems.Tyco Fire & Building Products.