PME looks at the fire protection industry through photographs of the people who do all the work.

A minimum of three firefighters, including one that is a paramedic, ride a rig like this on every call received by Station No. 2 in Carol Stream, IL.

Mike Lesiak readies a sprinkler for fire testing on a ProPress copper fitting at the Underwriters Laboratories agency testing facility.

Volunteer firemen waiting for the next call.

A student poses by a fire engine during Fire Prevention Week activities. Fire departments often target fourth grade classrooms for educational activities throughout the year because fourth graders are old enough to comprehend advanced concepts of fire prevention and will share what they learn with other younger children and also their parents.

Local 281 sprinkler fitters Mike Watwood and John Seybold.



Friends join members of the New York City Fire Department for a group shot in front of Engine No. 74. All rigs carry plenty of equipment including hose wrenches, nozzles, ladders, suction apparatus, fire axes, pumps, industrial flashlights, air packs, roof saws, a generator, lots of hose, and a thermal imager--just to name the essentials.

Fire sprinkler installer Chris Koener completes the installation of a chrome recessed pendent fire sprinkler for a new medical office.

Volunteer fire companies have been part of Americana since 1736. George Washington served as a volunteer fireman in Alexandria, VA, prior to the American Revolution. In addition to some of today's volunteer firemen pictured above, here is a short list of some other notable U.S. citizens who once nobly served as volunteer firefighters: James Buchanan, Millard Fillmore, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere, Aaron Burr, Samuel Adams and John Hancock.