Arkema Inc. offers Kynar® 740-02 PVDF flame retardant piping.

Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) is a thermoplastic that meets the flame and smoke requirements developed by the International Code Council® (ICC) for material use in building plenums. The standard is described in section 602.2.1 of the International Mechanical Code®, and it specifies that only material achieving a flame spread/smoke developed rating of less than 25/50 may be exposed within any area of a plenum. Arkema Inc. offers Kynar® 740-02 PVDF to meet this need with a 0/10 or 10/35 ASTM E84 rating and listed by the ICC-ES (formerly BOCA) under report 98-38.01. Kynar® 740-02 PVDF also provides chemical resistance to nearly all chemicals at room temperature in acid waste drainage applications and can handle elevated temperatures of up to 150