The new CADDY® PYRAMID Pipe & Equipment Supports from ERICO® provide an easy method for supporting pipes, conduit and equipment on roofs and below raised floors. They dramatically reduce installation time by replacing other labor-intensive support methods, such as wood blocks, straps and clips. They also replace steel foot plates, which can seriously damage roof membranes. The CADDY PYRAMID 50, 150, 300 and 600 consist of a foam block with a metal top. The polyethylene foam block absorbs shock and vibration but will not absorb water. The metal cover on top of the support offers protection from weather and other environmental conditions. The electro-galvanized finish on the cover offers corrosion protection. The CADDY PYRAMID 50 support holds up to 50-lb. loads and works in conjunction with a variety of pipe and conduit clamps. It is available in both rooftop and below raised floor models. The CADDY PYRAMID 150 and 300 supports hold up to 150-lb. and 300-lb. loads, respectively. The CADDY PYRAMID 600 support consists of two Model 300s linked together with a strut bridge. The Model 600 support holds up to 600-lb. loads. All three of the larger models have threaded inserts with captive nuts for maximum versatility and contact.