Often, laboratories, fabrication and research facilities, as well as schools and universities require access to emergency showers and eye/face washes in tightly confined areas. Since this equipment is seldom, if ever, used, the ideal circumstance is to have it fold out of the way, while remaining highly visible. To address this need, Haws offers their Model 8356WC barrier-free recessed wall-mounted combination eye/face wash and shower. The 10" showerhead can either be flush mounted to the ceiling or be extended downward from the ceiling. The fully recessed Model 8356WC automatically activates the eye/face wash when the pull-down door is opened. The eye/face wash features an ABS plastic Omni-Flo wrap-around design, providing up to five times the coverage area of a standard eye/face wash. Pulling down on the lever, recessed into the stainless steel cabinet next to the door, operates a stay-open ball valve, activating the shower. A stainless steel drain pan collects and directs the eye/face wash wastewater.Haws.