The Clivus Multrum composting toilet system uses natural biological decomposition to convert human wastes into reusable end-products. The composter is the containment vessel for a living ecosystem. The mixture of toilet waste (nitrogen) and bulking material (carbon), exposed to a constant flow of air (oxygen), allows bacteria and other beneficial organisms to convert the organic material to safe, usable compost and liquid fertilizer. The compost end-product is rich in organic matter, with a bacterial composition similar to top soil. The liquid end-product (which begins as urine) becomes a concentrated fertilizer rich in plant nutrients after passing through the compost layers. Clivus Multrum systems eliminate polluting sewage, save water, and require less land for operation than conventional septic tank systems. Less expensive than traditional disposal in many situations, Clivus Multrum composters are designed to handle both intermittent use and the high volume of peak periods.Clivus Multrum..