Electro Silica has developed a new technology for heating and purifying water using microwave technology.

Electro Silica has announced that it has developed a new way for heating and purifying water. The company applies a new technology to water treatment, offering an

efficient water heater powered by a clean and renewable energy. It offers the ability to save water and energy using microwave technology.

How Do Microwave Water Heating Systems Work?

Mains water enters into the Electro Silica boiler as the user requires. The heating system will be controlled by taps, heating timing devices, or the demands of an industrial process. As a demand for water is made, the magnetron fires up and bombards it with microwaves. These microwaves excite the water molecules, providing heat to the required temperature. Water exits the unit into either the heating system or the hot water pipes.

The Chamber Design Is the Difference

The microwave continuous flow and linear water heater consists of a closed chamber into which microwaves at a frequency of 2,450 mhz are introduced via magnetrons. The water heater is characterized by a chamber of the truncated conical section with a concave base of stainless steel, wherein no adjacent sections are at right angles, thus preventing generation of refraction and diffraction waves.The base of the chamber serves as a reflecting dish to direct energy towards the silica-based flexible coil disposed against the chamber wall. The coil is a spiral led inside the chamber and is terminated to inlet and outlet glands. These allow for a continuous flow of water to pass through the coil in any direction, depending upon the application and/or the plumbing arrangements in which it is being used.

How Safe Is Electro Silica?

The water heater produces fewer emissions than a microwave oven or even a mobile phone, with no risks of explosions or carbon monoxide. It is equipped with a heating automatic control system, water temperature and level display, and temperature automatic control.

What About Servicing and Maintenance?

Given that this is not an ignition system and gas is not present, regular servicing is not necessary. Depending on use, servicing is only required once every three years, and is a simple unplug-remove-replace-reconnect operation, concerning only the magnetron.

These water heating systems offer these advantages:

  • The smallest tankless water heater is 50 cm x 50 cm.
  • The systems are three times more efficient than gas or oil technologies.

  • Completely safe and clean.

  • Regular maintenance only once every three years.

  • They don't produce any calcium deposits.

  • In 20-30 seconds, you obtain hot water with continuous flow.

  • Complete range is available from industrial to residential heating systems.

  • Compatible with any plumbing system.

  • No standby heat loss (99.9% efficiency).

This universal tankless water heater can be used in hospitals, schools, swimming pools, and residential and hotel central heating. And, as this heater helps with energy savings, federal governments encourage its purchase.

Electro Silica has three production centers located in Europe, Asia and North America. In Europe, contact Electro Silica Plc., Airport House, Purley Way, Croydon, CR0 0XZ, UK, ph. +44(0)20 8781 1930, Fax +44(0)20 8781 1958, e-mail newsroom@electrosilica.com. For more information, visit www.eletrosilica.com.