Arrowhead Brass FreezeFree Faucets provide the security of knowing that pipes will not freeze and cause expensive damage. FreezeFree Faucets, featuring an Aerospace Technology Sensor, are easy and fast to install, and require no extensive plumbing or exterior/interior wall changes. The FreezeFree Faucet senses the temperature of the air around the handle and the water inside itself. When the temperature approaches freezing, the valve opens to allow a small amount of water to warm the faucet and the pipes leading to it, and then it stops. To retrofit a home with this new technology, simply replace the existing faucet with a FreezeFree Faucet. FreezeFree Faucets are available in many sizes, with and without an anti-siphon feature. A replacement FreezeFree Faucet Module is also available for existing Arrowhead Brass Faucets.Arrowhead Brass.