Astracast offers composite sinks featuring a real stone appearance. Two collections of composite sinks are offered, ROK™ and Quartz. ROK, Astracast's line of granite sinks is made from 70% silica stone and 30% acrylic to give the sink its textured feeling. Heat-resistant up to 536 degrees F, the granite ROK line has built-in scratch, cut and stain resistance. The sinks are lightweight, the heaviest weighing in at 38 lbs., and the composite materials used to make the line provide naturally sound-deadening qualities and give the sink color throughout. Quartz is the company's line of quartz sinks made out of 65% silica quartz and 35% acrylic, giving the sink a high-gloss finish. Quartz sinks are heat-resistant up to 400 degrees F., as well as being stain-resistant. The line has a solid color, without the speckled appearance that is associated with granite. The heaviest Quartz model is also 38 lbs.Astracast.