Bosch Security Systems has released the ReadykeyPRO Version 5.9 Upgrade, adding a higher level of cardholder control with new features and options. Compatible with Windows(R) 2000 Professional and XP Professional, the upgrade adds USB token (dongle) support, Global I/O, 9 digit PIN code support, and USB video capture support, among other features. Version 5.9 also up sizes the standard MS Access Database with MSDE 2000 (Microsoft Desktop Engine) for faster and more reliable database performance. New system options are also available, including Guard Tour, ReadykeyPRO DataExchange, and a receiver option that allows up to 10 D6600 Communications Receiver/Gateways to connect to the ReadykeyPRO software via a serial or TCP/IP connection. This allows alarm signals from intrusion panels to be sent to the D6600, then relayed on to the ReadykeyPRO software, giving complete configuration of alarm areas for each account and seamless integration from alarm panels to the ReadykeyPRO's advanced features.Bosch Security Systems.