Issue: 4/03

tekmar Control Systems' Boiler Control 265 is designed to operate up to three modulating boilers to provide Outdoor Reset and Setpoint operation, or two modulating boilers to provide Outdoor Reset and domestic hot water operation.

The modulating outputs from the control can be set up to provide either a 4-20 mA or a 0-20 mA signal. Each output can be configured to accommodate different boiler capacities and different turn down ratios. As well, each output has adjustable minimum and maximum modulation settings. This allows the control to accommodate for any combination of boilers used on the same installation.

The control also allows for either sequential or parallel staging of the boilers based on the installer preference. With individual boiler pump and primary pump contacts, each boiler can be pre- and post-purged to maximize the use of the heat available in each boiler.

The control also allows for Equal Run-Time Rotation, interstage delays and external 0-10 V (DC) input signal from an Energy Management System.

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