PM Engineerand Ecoflex have teamed up for a tour of the ISH Show in Frankfurt, Germany.

PM Engineerand Ecoflex, the European maker of pre-insulated and labor-saving pipe for a variety of PHC installations, have followed up the rave reviews from 1999 by teaming up for another tour of the every-other-year ISH Show in Frankfurt, Germany, March 27 to April 1, 2001. ISH is the world’s largest plumbing-heating exposition, featuring exhibitors from around the world and attended by more than 230,000 visitors. “If you are in the hydronic heating or plumbing business and have not been to ISH, you are missing the technical experience of a lifetime,” said Michael Luttrell, owner of Napa, CA-based Warm Floors, Inc., and one of the travelers on our 1999 excursion. He added: “If you want to travel with a fascinating bunch of people that make all the difference in the world, go with thePME/Ecoflex group. It’s a trip you’ll never regret.”

Bigger Accommodations

Our guests will stay on a riverboat hotel docked on Frankfurt’s Main River, within walking distance or a short cab ride from the exposition. This is no small consideration, for the ISH show typically fills up all hotel rooms in the vicinity of Frankfurt. Better hotels in proximity to the show site charge upwards of $400 a night for rooms often inferior to our riverboat accommodations. For 2001, Ecoflex has rented the “Amadeus,” a boat even bigger and more luxurious than the comfortable facility where guests stayed in 1999. The Amadeus includes spacious cabins, gourmet restaurant, full bar, gym facilities, Internet access, television and telephone services. Other highlights of thePME/Ecoflex tour:

  • The end of the tour will include spending Friday and Saturday, March 30-31, in Prague, one of Europe’s preeminent business, cultural and architectural centers.

  • The daily schedule in Frankfurt will consist of an on-board breakfast program with industry speakers followed by transport to and from ISH.

  • Each night will be filled with entertainment and dining experiences in the cosmopolitan city’s leading international restaurants and hofbraus.

First Come, First Served

All accommodations, travel within Europe, breakfast and evening meals, entrance fees to ISH and sightseeing excursions are included within a single price of $2,500, or $3,900 for double occupancy rooms. Airfare to and from the U.S. is not included, but assistance is available for helping guests obtain reasonably priced air tickets. Prime on-board rooms with a river view and other amenities will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis to those who sign up for the tour with a deposit.

To register or for further information, contact Ecoflex representative Anne Coffelt at or (707) 939-9410.

For background about ISH or other industry-related information, contact PME Editor Jim Olsztynski at, or (847) 297-3714.