In late October, Julius Ballanco, P.E., was elected president of ASPE during its biennial Conference and Engineered Plumbing Exposition in Tampa, FL.

In late October, Julius Ballanco, P.E., was elected president of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) during ASPE's biennial Conference and Engineered Plumbing Exposition in Tampa, FL. Ballanco is more than qualified to be president after having served the past six years on the ASPE Board of Directors (vice president, Legislative 2000-2004; vice president, Technical 2004-2006). Equally important, as the editorial director of PM Engineer (since its launch in 1995) and a monthly columnist, Ballanco has made it clear to our readers that ASPE is extremely important to him.

Ballanco is president of J.B. Engineering and Code Consulting, P.C., a consulting engineering firm in Munster, IN, he started 16 years ago. Prior to that, Ballanco served as head of plumbing and mechanical engineering for Building Officials and Code Administrators International (BOCA), one of the organizations that formed the International Code Council (ICC). However, Ballanco likes to say that "he was long gone before the three model code groups started talking about a merger."

What is the importance of ASPE and its role to the plumbing engineering community?

As you know, ASPE is the most important engineering society to me. That is because I am a part of the plumbing engineering profession. Being involved in my profession means being involved with ASPE. I believe every plumbing engineer should feel the same way.

When I ask myself why ASPE is so important in my life, there are many answers. The first answer comes from my upbringing. My parents always taught me to give back to society. All too often we get into a "What have you done for me lately?"

SIDEBAR: ASPE Board of Directors for 2006-2008


Julius A. Ballanco, P.E.

J.B. Engineering and

Code Consulting P.C.

Munster, IN

Vice-President, Technical

Norman Parks, CIPE

The Wooten Company

Raleigh, NC

Vice-President, Education

William F. Hughes, JR., CPD

Robinson Green Beretta

Providence, RI

Vice-President, Legislative

Ray W. Moore, P.E., CPD

Professional Engineering


Salt Lake City, UT

Vice-President, Membership

C. David Hudson, CPD, CBI, CPI

Fosdick & Hilman, Inc.

Cincinnati, OH


Jeffrey L. Ingertson, CPD

Titeflex Corp-Gastite Div.

Sierra Vista, AZ

SIDEBAR: The Roster of ASPE Presidents

2006-2008 Julius Ballanco

2004-2006 Joe Scott

2002-2004 Larry Oliver

2000-2002 David Chin

1998-2000 Patrick Whitworth

1994-1998 Kenneth Wentink

1992-1994 Michael Granata

1990-1992 Bernard McCarty

1988-1990 William Schaefer

1984-1988 Philip French

1980-1984 A. Calvin Laws

1978-1980 Edward Maybeck

1976-1978 Donald Sampler

1970-1972 Edward Saltzberg

1968-1970 Michael Maroko

1964-1968 Donald Dickerson