Officials of the U.S. General Services Administration say the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act significantly increases resources to green federal buildings and buy more alternative-fuel vehicles. The legislation includes $5.55 billion for building projects and $300 million for fuel-efficient vehicles.

The Recovery Act directs $4.5 billion to convert federal buildings to high-performance green buildings, $750 million to renovate and construct federal buildings and courthouses and $300 million to renovate and construct land ports of entry.

The agency also announced that it will create a nationally managed, regionally executed program management office staffed with experts in various fields to support regional teams delivering the projects.

GSA’s Public Buildings Service is responsible for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of thousands of federally-owned facilities for more than one million civilian employees of the government at 60 different agencies.

Vehicle acquisition is another service GSA provides for federal agencies through the Federal Acquisition Service. The current GSA fleet contains about 80,000 alternative-fuel vehicles. GSA will work with federal agencies to determine the best method to evaluate vehicles eligible for replacement and fund those that would provide the largest benefit through decreased use of fuel and emission reduction.

Lastly, GSA is taking the lead to launch, manage and support – the official recovery Web site of the federal government – to track recovery spending. will report the progress on the reinvestment funding for the American public.