Tankless no roof kit

Noritz America maximizes ease of installation with its new No Roof Kit. With this accessory, premix burner Noritz tankless water heaters can be installed without the installer setting foot on the roof, offering time-, labor-, and cost-saving in residential applications. Not only does the No Roof Kit eliminate the contractor’s need to climb on the roof to install venting for the tankless water heater, but drilling holes in the wall for exhaust is also no longer needed. Best suited for single-story homes and attic installs, the No Roof Kit includes three, 36-inch polypropylene (PP) pipes and a PP-PVC adaptor, a 2-inch single vent (SV) conversion kit, and a diffuser kit. To use the kit, a pre-existing, 3- or 4-inch circular B-vent, no longer than 8.5 feet, with a straight vertical shot from the ceiling to the roof, is required.