Alfred Fico, owner of All Clear Plumbing and Drains in Succasunna, New Jersey, recognizes the importance of having a condensate pump for a combination (combi) condensing boiler. The latter provides hot water for both space heating and domestic bathing and washing.

Condensate water produced by such a boiler tends to be acidic, and its corrosive properties can damage drain and sewer lines unless this water is neutralized. Since he would be installing a combi boiler for his own business, Fico wanted to source a pump that could eliminate the danger of de-stroyed pipelines — not only for himself, but also for customers with condensing-type heating and water heating equipment.


The solution

As a master plumber with 22 years of experience, Fico knew a plethora of companies that sell condensate pumps he could install to solve this is-sue. However, he wanted a solution that could not only neutralize acidic condensate, but also pump it away. Almost immediately, Fico thought of Saniflo, having completed numerous successful installations with its above-floor plumbing solutions in the past. 

“We have used Saniflo products on many projects, and they have always worked great,” he says. “I have never had a single callback, so I knew this would be the best option for us.”

Fico ultimately decided the Sanicondens Best would be his solution. Able to pump condensate waste up to 15 feet vertically and/or 150 horizontal-ly, it neutralizes drainage from condensing-type equipment, preventing the corrosion of drain lines. The pump also contains a built-in acid neutralizer that raises pH levels in any drainage, meeting many local and state codes that require condensate to be treated before being discharged into a sew-er system.

The Sanicondens Best pump consists of a float mechanism, which starts and stops the system; and a motor, which drives the pump. It comes ready-to-install with wire connections to an external overflow, shutoff switch or alarm system.

Condensate water enters the Sanicondens Best through any of the four, 1-inch inlets located at the top. Once the acids in the water are neutralized, it exits the system via a flexible 3/8-inch PVC discharge pipe.

The float mechanism starts and stops the pump when the water is at a certain level, keeping power consumption to a minimum. Once water is discharged into the sanitary line, the pump shuts off until the next use. The averaging running cycle for the pump is two to 10 seconds.

For this installation, All Clear technician George DeJesus ran the condensing line from the boiler to the pump to give the condensate a place to travel. He then connected it to a drain line to ensure it operates properly. 

Installation of the combi boiler took several hours, but the Sanicondens Best required less than 30 minutes. The product also came with all the necessary hardware for the installation, avoiding additional costs for the project.

“It is one of the most solid condensate pumps I have used,” DeJesus says. “Having both the pump and neutralizer together is a true time- and cost-saver.”

Fico says the Sanicondens Best has ensured that his combi heater is running effectively and that his plumbing system is protected. Praising the “two-in-one” feature of a built-in neutralizer with the condensate pump, he estimates All Clear saved $200 by not having to buy a separate neutralizer to tie into the system. 

“But that purchase savings is nothing compared with the reduced labor and the cleaner installation the two-in-one feature provides,” Fico remarks. “Our priority was to find and install a pump that could both drain condensate while neutralizing any possible acids. That double-duty capability made Saniflo the best option.”