Taco Comfort Solutions’ 0018e high-efficiency Bluetooth-enabled circulator brings a new level of control to residential and light-commercial hydronic systems, the company explains. The ECM-powered 0018e is a solution for contractors who want the durability, efficiency and simplicity of other Taco ECM circulators, while looking for more system feedback and control that has been previously available, the company adds. The circulator features Bluetooth communication to a mobile app, providing real-time control, diagnostics and reporting, such as installation history, power consumption, performance and runtime. Installers can select between multiple constant speed, proportional pressure, and constant pressure modes, as well as activeADAPT, Taco’s self-adjusting proportional pressure mode. This circulator will be available in the third quarter of 2019.

Taco Comfort Solutions. www.tacocomfort.com