Industry experts looking to share knowledge and design experience with others in the plumbing industry can contact ASPE to be considered for the 2019 Tech Symposium, Oct. 24-27 in Pittsburgh.

ASPE is currently taking submissions from individuals who are interested in presenting technical sessions.

The Education Committee is seeking presenters who have spoken on areas such as:

• What is unique to Pittsburgh?

• Are there any stadiums or special projects attendees want to hear about? Do you know anyone who has worked on these projects?

• New codes going into effect

Beginner topics

• Project composition and set up

• Construction administration

• Introduction to plumbing theory

• Introduction to medical gas

• Backflow devices - what's the difference?

• The engineer and code official relationship 

• Pumps and water velocity

• Pipe sizing, formulas

• Pump selection

• Sizing vacuum piping

• Pipe hanging requirements for plumbing and what to specify

Intermediate/advanced topics

• Fire pump testing procedures

• Hot water recirculation v. heat trace systems

• Master thermostatic mixing valves v. point of use valves

• Liabilities in construction administration and site observances

• Diesel/gas distribution systems


• Medical gas

• High-rise design (fire, etc)

• Project management for mid- and senior-level

• Veterinary Hospital Design Application

• Clean room design

• Laboratory design

• New Hunter's Curve

Specialty topics

• Forensic engineering topics

• Learning from your mistakes - panel preferred

• Any mistakes end up in court?

• Plumbing coordination among disciplines?

• Time management

• Time estimating - dollars and design hours

• Marketing proposals and business development

• Bulk oxygen storage and distribution

• Industrial Vacuum

• Legionella awareness

• Case studies on international rainwater harvesting practices

• High-purity water design

• Research finding or case studies 

• Differences between PVC and cast iron


Contractor related topics

• Real-life applications

• Installation issues

• Restraints and thurst blocks

• How avoid change orders

• What a contractor likes to see on drawings

• Equipment clearances for plumbing

• Finding the bridge be architects and contractors

• Trenching and backfills, requirements, etc.

Civil engineer related topics

• Site layout and design

ASPE Affiliate member topics

• Utilizing your ASPE membership 

• ASPE and MOU partnerships

ASPE welcomes its industry partners to have its members or staff submit topics for consideration.

Prospective presenters should complete the online form here for consideration. For ASPE members, a brief professional biography about yourself or the person who would present and a description of the presentation topic which would be covered and what would be contained in the presentation. ASPE reminds proposers to remember the following:

• Each session will be 90 minutes in length and you must ensure the presentations are such that they cover a topic in detail. 

• These presentations need to remain non-proprietary in nature as the Education Sessions are about learning—not selling. 

• The Education Committee will review all submissions and select the topics they feel are appropriate for the conference.

• The Education Committee appreciates interested speakers and their support of the conference. Unfortunately there are no financial resources available to assist with travel or honoraria for selected speakers.

Contact ASPE Education at 224-217-9016 or If you wish to include additional attachments for consideration please do so by email.

Please note: submission of your information does not guarantee acceptance to present. You will be notified by May 1, 2019 about the committee's decision.