The Soffi-Steel system from Grice encloses fire sprinkler piping at the Sandburg Towers.

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee recently finished its second of three phases for retrofitting Sandburg Towers with fire sprinklers. Sandburg Towers are connected high-rise dormitories located on the UW-Milwaukee campus. The first phase at West Tower was completed in the summer of 2002. Then, between June-Aug. 2003, the North Tower was completed. In the summer of 2004, the third and final stage of this project will be completed with the retrofitting of the South Tower.

More views of the Soffi-Steel pipe enclosure system in use at the Sandburg Towers.
The fire sprinkler system was designed by PSJ Engineering of Milwaukee. The fire sprinkler piping was installed by Kaelber Co. of Kenosha, WI. Grice Engineering of Janesville, WI, manufactured and installed its Soffi-Steel™ pipe enclosure system. The Soffi-Steel system, a custom-made steel soffiting system, is a durable, snap-on soffit system specially designed for rapid, secure installation in dormitories and other academic facilities. With the narrow window of opportunity during which dorms are available for renovation, the Soffi-Steel system was found to be the best choice available.

Grice's Soffi-Steel system is designed to conceal and protect fire sprinkler piping, plumbing, conduit, hvac and other utilities in new and retrofit applications. Available in commercial and security grades, Soffi-Steel is custom designed and fabricated for each unique application. For more information on the Soffi-Steel system, visitGrice Engineering's website.