Des Champs Technologies has recently begun shipping its third generation Wringer 2000 indoor pool dehumidification units and has produced a new catalog and application manual for the product. Utilizing its knowledge of psychrometrics and heat exchangers, Des Champs oringinally introduced a unit utilizing free outside air to dehumidify the natatorium when its humidity was less than that of the natatorium, energy recovery to capture the heat thrown away during the winter, and the Wringer precool/reheat technology to reduce compressor energy costs by 30%. Mechanical dehumidification was only used when necessary, resulting in significant annual energy savings over mechanical dehumidifiers. The new Wringer 2000 is simpler and more compact than its predecessor and is even more energy efficient because of the incorporation of Des Champs' Thermopipe precool/reheat heat exchanger. The Wringer 2000 is available with many options, including indoor or outdoor installation; DX or chilled water cooling; gas, electric, or hydronic heating; pool water heating; plus many other custom features.Des Champs Technologies.