A versatile, new glycol make-up unit (GMU) from the Bell & Gossett Packaged Systems Group is available. The unit is designed for glycol solution applications such as closed loop heating, chilled water, process systems, snowmelt and radiant heat. The unit is also ideal for use as a break tank for potable water systems with an optional fill valve and is completely automatic to maintain minimum system pressure levels. The GMU features a standard low-level alarm contact to stop the pump during low-level condition along with a pressure control device to provide protection from excessive pressure. The Bell & Gossett GMU utilizes a Bell & Gossett pump, a Triple Duty® Valve, and a McDonnell & Miller RB-122 low water cut-off switch. The GMU comes with a 55-gallon polyethylene tank and measurement scales in both gallons and liters for easy mixing of solutions.Bell & Gossett Packaged Systems Group.