Spartan Scientific has announced its new two-way, two-position solenoid air-operated pilot valves (3500 and 3510) with a smaller size per Cv of flow (1/4-in. NPT 1.55 Cv). Both valves offer a full flow 1/2-in. orifice and a quick-connect DIN 43650 coil design for fast installation. Depending on the application, these valves can be configured as normally closed or normally open. The 3150 includes a high-impact composite body for applications requiring a normal pressure range up to 150 psi. For applications requiring higher pressure ranges up to 230 psi, the 3500 model can be used, and it features a forged brass body. These valves also include a two-way pilot solenoid operator and an elastomeric diaphragm, which provides a dependable seal for the main seat. Spartan Scientific.