LED UV-cured paint system for black steel pipe

Fayette Pipe announced the launch of FayetteGuard, an LED UV-cured paint system for black steel pipe exteriors. This innovative coating process employs advanced LED technology to ensure enhanced protection, energy efficiency, durability and long-lasting performance for the rigorous demands of fire protection, plumbing and HVAC applications. It also offers an attractive black sheen that enhances the aesthetic appeal of installations. The LED UV-curing technology that Fayette Pipe employs uses high-intensity electronic ultraviolet (UV) light to solidify photo-reactive substances used in the FayetteGuard paint instantly. This method differs from traditional drying methods, which rely on evaporation or absorption to solidify chemistry. Samples of the new FayetteGuard coating on select Fayette Pipe products are available upon request through the company's website.