BAS compact controllers

Carrier launched three innovative controllers designed to expand the capabilities and performance of the i-Vu building automation system. The TruVu 022 Advanced Application Controller is a versatile, high-performance device ideal for managing HVAC equipment, advanced air quality and zoning applications. The controller is designed for easy integration with pumps, unit heaters, and exhaust fans, making it a robust solution for enhancing building environments and efficiency. The TruVu Compact BACnet Router expands routing capabilities within the i-Vu system, offering robust connectivity between BACnet/IP, BACnet Ethernet and BACnet MS/TP networks. Its compact design and dual IP ports with a fail-safe protected bypass ensure reliable, continuous operation and straightforward deployment in a variety of settings. The TruVu Compact Link features dual IP ports and acts as a router plus a gateway, facilitating efficient communication and integration with third-party devices. It supports up to 1,500 third-party BACnet points and up to 500 Modbus points, offering versatile connectivity and control options within a compact footprint. With their dual IP ports, the controllers support various IP network topologies, including home run, daisy chain and ring configurations, offering flexibility in network design.