Active chilled beam system

Jaga Climate Systems’ Astra Beam is an innovative non-ducted fan coil. The Astra Beam harnesses the power of chilled water to extract heat from the indoor air, ensuring a consistently comfortable temperature without noise, hefty energy bills or carbon footprint. Equipped with a 24VDC tangential fan, it circulates air through a high-capacity hydronic coil. This not only cuts down on materials but simplifies installation, making it the perfect fit for various settings, including offices, educational institutions and residential environments. The Astra Beam can deliver up to 1.5 tons of cooling using 43° F entering chilled water, achieving exceptional heating and cooling efficiency. It operates on a mere 54 watts of 24VDC power, translating to an outstanding efficiency of .08 watts per cfm. Moreover, its integrated condensate tray expertly manages condensation, ensuring a dry and comfortable space.