Sloan, the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems, has earned LEED Silver and WELL Gold certifications for its flagship showroom and office space in Chicago’s Fulton Market District. 

As a result, the venue – which opened in May 2022 – has become the world’s first commercial plumbing showroom to be both LEED and WELL certified.

“I am proud that Sloan’s pioneering showroom and office space will act as a beacon of what can be achieved by utilizing Sloan products in LEED and WELL projects,” said Paul Sambanis, Sloan’s vice president of sustainability. “I’d like to thank everyone at Sloan for their unwavering commitment to sustainability and wellness.”

Awarded by the United States Green Building Council, LEED Silver certification verifies that the Sloan showroom has earned more than half of the basic LEED points recommended when developing an environmentally focused project. Sloan achieved its LEED Silver certification by reducing its parking footprint at the showroom, purchasing renewable energy credits for energy requirements, and material transparency, as well as various other innovative approaches.

The WELL Gold certification, awarded by the International WELL Building Institute, is achieved by meeting all WELL preconditions and 40% or more of the optimization features, both of which focus on human health. Sloan achieved WELL Gold certification for its showroom by meeting or exceeding certain enhanced chemical thresholds, as well as by providing an acceptable thermal environment, visual lighting design, and enhanced water quality through the use of Sloan products in the showroom’s restrooms.

The Sloan showroom is a space created to imagine, explore, and invent new concepts through interactive product displays and curated room designs. Located on the 10th floor of 333 N. Green Street in Chicago, the showroom highlights Sloan’s touch-free, sustainable, and aesthetic product offerings across the entire restroom. It is Sloan’s largest showroom in North America and complements the company’s existing Mobile Showroom, as well as its Charles S. Allen Design Center in Andover, Mass., and Stone and Steel Showroom in Mesa, Arizona. 

The showroom features a wide range of Sloan products and innovations, including sensor-activated faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers, and flushometers, as well as its array of finishes. The cutting-edge venue enables Sloan to enhance its engagement with architects, designers, and engineers, as well as general and plumbing contractors and the wholesaler community. 

For more information on the Sloan showroom, visit Sloan’s website.