Founded in 1974, Pedrollo Group is an Italian family business globally recognized as a benchmark in the water pumps industry. The Group announced the acquisition of the majority share of Superior Pump, the brand name for Michel Sales Co., based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Superior Pump is active in the design, manufacture and marketing of residential and commercial water pumps and systems with a strong direct presence in the North American market.

Superior Pump was founded in 1999 by entrepreneur Chip Michel, with an extensive experience in the sector and a family that boasts an entrepreneurial history of over 100 years. Today it is led by his son Charlie Michel III, who will remain minority shareholder and CEO. 

Through the acquisition of a major stake in Superior Pump, the Pedrollo Group is pursuing two strategic objectives: To strengthen its presence in North America and to extend the entire product range of the Group to a large and consolidated customer base.

The strategic plan going forward is to fully commercialize and launch the Pedrollo brand in the USA and Canada.

Pedrollo Group is one of the major industrial companies in Northern Italy. It operates in the sectors of water handling, energy transformation and applied technology. Although strongly oriented toward the global market (it exports most of its production to over 160 countries with its 12 commercial branches), it firmly maintains research, design and production concentrated in Italy with a plant of more than 1.2 million square feet and some 1,200 employees.

The Group has grown to include the complementary businesses of Linz Electric (alternators and welders), Gread Elettronica (electronics and software), and Panelli (submersible pumps and motors). With the acquisition of Superior Pump, the Pedrollo Group expanded its leadership in hydraulic pump technology focusing on a direct presence in the North American market.