After its release in 1994, the first edition of John Siegenthaler’s textbook — "Modern Hydronic Heating for Residential and Light Commercial Buildings"  quickly established itself as a comprehensive technical publication for those who design and install hydronic heating systems.

Now, after three previous editions that span 28 years of technical development, the fourth edition of the book is ready to continue as the leading reference on hydronic system design and installation.

The fourth edition adds over 130 pages of state-of-the-art information developed to equip designers and installers for the present as well as the future of hydronics technology. New and expanded topics include: Air-to-water heat pumps systems, biomass boilers, new piping materials, distribution efficiency, water quality, separator technology, low-temperature systems, domestic water heating, buffer tanks, variable speed circulators, heat exchangers and heat metering.

An entire new chapter has been added on hydronic cooling, which will be increasingly used within hydronic heat pump systems.

The fourth edition of "Modern Hydronic Heating & Cooling, for Residential and Light Commercial Buildings" will be available through major booksellers on April 1.