Dewberry, a privately held professional services firm, has announced that it has earned three Engineering Excellence awards from the American Council of Engineers Companies (ACEC) New York chapter. The awards will be presented during the annual gala in April 2022. 

Diamond Award: City Island 20-inch Sub-Aqueous Water Mains
To improve water capacity and infrastructure resilience for City Island, the New York City Department of Design and Construction (NYCDDC) and the NYC Department of Environmental Protection selected Dewberry to design redundant, 20-inch sub-aqueous water mains, which were installed by drilling underneath the Eastchester Bay. Due to restrictions at both the launch and landing points of the trenchless technology installation, and considering parks department trees, wetlands, city streets, and seawalls that could not be disturbed, Dewberry selected a never-before-used in New York City method to directionally drill the two water mains in a compound curve. The mains would be installed in a three-dimensional compound curve through the bedrock below the waterway between the Bronx and City Island. The use of the compound curve would minimize impact and hit the targets needed to reach project goals.

Platinum Award: New York City College of Technology, Voorhees Hall Energy Performance Contract
Dewberry designed the replacement of the boiler and chiller plants in Voorhees Hall, resulting in an expected energy savings of 52% for the chiller plant and 23.5% for the boiler plant. This translates to an annual energy cost savings for the college and an overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of nearly 260 tons per year. This contract was executed as part of a joint venture between Dewberry and Ramboll JV. 

Silver Award: South Beach Area Street Reconstruction Final Design
Dewberry designed the reconstruction of parts of the South Beach neighborhood to reduce residential and localized flooding. This included 22,200 linear feet of curbs, sidewalks, pavements, and pavement markings; construction of 17,000 linear feet of storm sewers, 19,000 linear feet of sanitary sewers, and 17 storm chambers; and the replacement of 22,000 linear feet of water mains.

“As our communities see an increase in sea level rise, climate change, and an emphasis on energy conservation and sustainability, our team of engineers and designers must remain at the forefront of innovation,” says Dewberry Senior Vice President John Boulé, PE. “To have our efforts, alongside those of the communities where we’re working, recognized by ACEC is truly an honor.”