Navien has started shipping the new PeakFlow A scale prevention system. The PeakFlow A was first announced in November 2021, as part of an improved lineup of water treatment products alongside the PeakFlow S and PeakFlow C.

Much like the PeakFlow S that Navien started shipping in 2021, the PeakFlow A is a chemical-free and environmentally friendly scale prevention system. Navien PeakFlow technology transforms potential hard scale build up to soft scale (aragonite and vaterite) that can easily be washed out with water flow. Without PeakFlow, the precipitated calcium carbonate forms as calcite, which is a very hard scale form that builds up in heat exchangers, lowering heat transfer efficiencies and blocking water flow. 

With a maximum flow rate of 10 GPM, PeakFlow A can be used for residential or light commercial applications. This advanced system can be installed either at the main water line to prevent scale for the entire water supply, or at the cold water inlet line just before a tankless water heater or combi-boiler.