The Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE), the professional society for fire protection and fire safety engineering, has named Beth Tubbs, PE, FSFPE, as its 2022 president. 

Tubbs serves as a key engineering resource and contributor to the International Existing Building Code (IEBC), the International Fire Code (IFC), the International Building Code (IBC), and the ICC Performance Code (ICCPC) as a senior staff engineer with the Codes and Standards Development Department at the International Code Council (ICC), headquartered in Washington D.C.

Tubbs has been an SFPE member since 1995, elected a Fellow of SFPE in 2010 and has served on and/or chaired numerous SFPE committees and boards. She holds degrees in fire protection and civil engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. As SFPE President, Tubbs is currently serving as the program committee chair of the SFPE International Conference on Performance-Based Codes and Fire Safety Design Methods scheduled for March 2022 and the SFPE Annual Conference and Expo scheduled for October 2022 in Detroit, among other SFPE committees. 

Jimmy Jönsson, director with JVVA in Madrid, Spain, was named president-elect. Jonsson has worked on a wide range of fire- and life-safety projects internationally over the last 20 years, with extensive experience in developing performance-based fire engineering design and analysis. He has been an SFPE member since 2002, past president of SFPE Europe, and current president of the SFPE Spanish Chapter. Christopher Butts, PE, PMSFPE, AET, SET, CFPS, ARM; Elizabeth Pennacchio, PE, PMSFPE; Michael Wojcik, PE, PMSFPE; and John Denhardt, PE, FSFPE, have joined the SFPE Board of Directors, effective January 2022. 

“SFPE has benefited from exceptional leadership in recent years, and we are so fortunate to have leaders like Beth, Jimmy, and our entire Board of Directors to guide us in 2022 and beyond,” stated Nicole Boston, CAE, CEO, Society of Fire Protection Engineers.  “With plans this year to reach more fire protection engineers through our industry-leading education programs, to publish our first standard since being accredited by ANSI, and to increase the recognition and competencies of fire protection engineers, our leadership has the depth and diverse experience to advance the Society and the profession of fire protection engineering.”

Amanda Kimball, PE, FSFPE; Jack Poole, PE, FSFPE; John Campbell, PE, PEng, CFPS, FIFireE, PMSFPE; Shaun Kelly, PEng, CEng, MIEI, PMSFPE; Bob Libby, PE, FSFPE; Albert Simeoni, PhD, PMSFPE; and Shamim Rashid-Sumar, PE, FSFPE, continue their service on the society’s Board of Directors. SFPE will be establishing its 2022 Nominating Committee and soliciting nominations for the Society’s future leadership roles in the coming months. 

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