As part of an asset deal, WILO USA, a subsidiary of WILO SE, has acquired the operating business of QuantumFlo, a specialist in pressure boosting systems and intelligent pump systems. The company, based in Sanford, Florida, employs 32 people and offers high-quality products and innovative, user-friendly software solutions for the design and operation of pressure boosting systems.

"With this acquisition, we are strengthening our regional presence in line with our 'region-for-region' approach. We are, thus, countering decoupling, the politically motivated disengagement from global tendencies, and can meet local customer needs with locally manufactured products in an even more targeted manner. In addition, the acquisition of QuantumFlo expands our customer base to accelerate market development in the U.S.," explains Oliver Hermes, chairman and CEO of the Wilo Group.

David Carrier, founder and president and CEO of QuantumFlo, said at the closing of the deal on Sept. 30, 2021, "As the leader in intelligent pumps systems in the U.S., and the creator of the world's first variable speed booster operating system, we are excited and honored to join our technologies with Wilo USA. This exciting new opportunity will allow QuantumFlo to further develop these innovations for a variety of markets throughout the Americas. The primary beneficiary of the sum of these companies is our representatives, specifying engineers and distributors."

"In the pressurized booster market in the U.S. the QuantumFlo brand represents leading technology, quality and a passion to provide solutions to their customers," said Jeff Plaster, managing director of WILO USA. "This is the same value proposition that Wilo's other strong brands provide in the OEM, Water Management and Building Services sales channels."

"As a recognized and established U.S. manufacturer of booster sets and HVAC systems, QuantumFlo is a real asset for the Wilo Group and we are already looking forward to working together," adds Mathias Weyers, member of the executive board and CFO of the Wilo Group.