The Collins Companies, an industrial distributors of pipe, valves and fittings and engineered specialties serving the Northeast, announced its decision to fully acquire the assets of Niagara Controls in Buffalo, NY and consolidate the management with their Collins Niagara Division in Syracuse, NY. Joseph A. Clemente, who was the managing partner of Niagara Controls, will now provide direction and guidance to both of these Collins’ divisions. 

These divisions were established as start-ups in upstate New York 14 years ago and each has grown to become a dominant industrial player in each of their respective marketplaces. “This consolidation of management and direction will allow us to maximize the utilization of both our resources and our talent throughout all of upstate New York and we are anticipating a 1+1=3 positive result from it, both for our customers and our company,” said Brian Tuohey, owner and CEO of The Collins Companies. 

Joe Clemente will be taking on the role director of operations in New York for Collins and he will be managing both locations. “We have a very talented and experienced technical sales and customer service team. I look forward to leading our New York locations in the supply of current and new products / services to our entire customer base including our global accounts,” Clemente said.