PRIER Products, a manufacturer of brass plumbing products, launched a unique exposed pipe angle sill faucet. The new valve is especially suited for parking garages, warehouses, fire stations, airport hangers, metal buildings, garden centers and boat docks, among other structures with exposed piping.

Currently, most installations prohibit the ability to easily secure a valve to the building while tying into a supply line behind the valve. The new valve can be secured to the building and tied directly into the supply line, which saves extra installation steps, material costs and offers benefits to the contractor and building owner, PRIER notes.

Several conversations between engineers and PRIER at the ASPE convention in 2018 revolved around the challenges with plumbing in parking garages. The idea for the new valve was a result of an ongoing dialogue with engineers and MEP contractors.

“PRIER loves to collaborate with engineers who are in the trenches every day,” said Research and Development Manager Scott Brady. “Our team met with several engineering firms to uncover the challenges and needs in the market throughout the design phase.”

Inlets on the top and bottom allow for flexibility during installation and ability to manifold numerous valves together, as found in a large parking garage. An integral stop allows the valve to be shut off and serviced without turning off the entire system. A brass plug is included for easy close-off and “drain down” of the system.

“The new P-156 exposed pipe angle sill faucet is the result of deep relationships with engineers, innovative thinking and a nimble environment to bring new products to market,” said President Nick Manning. “We’re pleased to see the product take off and receive immediate interest, especially at a large airport under construction in the Midwest.”

All of PRIER’s commercial products are listed in MasterSpec for specifying and product information by engineers, contractors, architects and facility owners. The new P-156 is available in ASSE 1011 and 1052 options.