My brother and I finally dragged our mother into the 21st Century and bought her an iPhone for her birthday. I’m still not sure this was the wisest idea — especially when I received a wakeup call at 7 a.m. one Monday morning with a very frustrated woman using some very choice language, asking how to make a phone call.

Excuse my still half-asleep confusion, but didn’t she just dial me? Turns out, she had my number programmed and didn’t know how to access the keypad to dial a phone number; she needed to inform the car dealership she was there for her appointment per their COVID-19 protocols. Face-palm. 
That incident was several months ago now, and I still tease her about it. However, she has now learned to use the new phone and (most) features, and gushes how much easier it has made things for her. 

Staying up to date with the latest trends in technology is no easy feat. It seems just as you get the hang of something, there’s a new latest and next best thing on the market. This happens in all industries, including MEP engineering and design software. A workforce set in its ways, the overwhelming growth of software enhancements and lack of training can lead plumbing and mechanical engineers to fall behind, failing to utilize the best tools to help eliminate costly and time-consuming errors and mistakes. 

It’s never too late to start learning new technology. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic has actually pushed some companies to re-evaluate their current software and adopt new technologies, using the time away from office to train employees on it remotely. Read more on our cover story about software trends on Page 44. 

Plenty of manufacturers and software developers are committing major resources to provide specifying engineers with the tools they need for all facets of a project, from design to construction. These MEP software tools are available for engineering firms to leverage. If you take the time to train employees properly, these tools are bound to help increase both productivity and profits. 

Who wouldn’t want that?