Uponor released its statement laying out the details of the precautions the company is taking so far in order to safely continue to manufacture their essential products.

Examples of the Coronavirus precautions we are taking, so far, include:

  • Instituting an internal task force to continually monitor the situation
  • Moving office workers to remote locations
  • Practicing and monitoring social distancing within our manufacturing plants (main equipment used by workers is already spaced more than 6 feet apart); distribution center work stations are also in compliance
  • Ensuring manufacturing and distribution center employees wear proper personal protective equipment, as usual
  • Staggering breaks in dining areas of no more than ten people and mandating a six-foot distance apart; alternating use of time clocks to avoid close contact with others
  • Daily sanitizing of common tools, equipment and surfaces
  • Restricting contact and maintaining safe distances with truck drivers
  • Restricting all non-essential contractors from entering our North American facilities
  • Banning travel for all employees

Uponor currently has an adequate supply of products in the U.S. and in transit. Customer service and technical support teams can be accessed via email or phone.