NIBCO’s press slip ball valve (PC-FP600A-S-LF) is easy to add to existing copper piping or to replace an old valve without needing extra fittings, the company notes. The new valve simplifies installation by eliminating two or more connections and leak paths, thus reducing labor time. The valve is suitable for drinking water, HVAC and domestic hot and cold water applications. The dezincification-resistant lead-free brass valve (PC-FP600-A-S-LF) has a patented leak detection feature rated to 250 psi Cold Working Pressure. Available in 1/2” to 1”, the valve has a maximum pressure rating of 225 psi at 250° F. The valve is not intended for steam or gas usage, but is capable of isolation and throttling (half-open to full-open only) and can be connected to rigid copper tubing manufactured per ASTM B88, Condition H (hand-drawn). The valve meets IAPMO/ANSI Z1157, NSF/ANSI-61/372 and MSS SP-110/145 and conforms to ASME B16.51. NIBCO.