Not only is Coors Field in Denver home to Major League Baseball’s Colorado Rockies, but the 50,398-seat venue hosts a full lineup of summer concerts and events when the team is on the road.

With so much wear and tear from so many events, the Coors Field facilities team constantly strives to keep the stadium looking just like it did on opening day more than 25 years ago when the 1993 expansion team moved from its temporary home at Mile High Stadium.

To begin the 2019 season, the restrooms on the club level and in the clubhouse needed a renovation. For this undertaking, the facility turned to partner Sloan for an upgrade.

Grand slam for sustainability

With millions of people going in and out of the stadium each year, durability was a key factor in Coors Field’s restroom specifications, the facilities team noted. Thus, it specified Sloan urinals and water closets, each equipped with Sloan Royal 111 ESS sensor flushometers. A total of 78 Sloan ST-2459-STG elongated wall-mounted water closets and 42 SU-7009-STG wash-down urinals provided both the club level and the clubhouse with 1.28-gallon-per-flush and 0.125- to 0.5-gpf performance.

Sloan notes the flushometers not only promote water savings, but the touch-free products maintain a more sanitary environment for fans and players alike.

“The durability and water savings of the products have been a major boost for the ballpark,” says Allyson Gutierrez, Coors Field’s senior director, engineering and facilities.

Engraved aesthetics

The facilities team notes that during a trial run in the high-traffic areas of Coors Field during the 2018 season, the hands-free feature and durability of Sloan’s BASYS faucets stood out.

Additionally, 12 Sloan Designer Series sinks accompanied by 42 BASYS faucets were specified throughout the club level. The Rockies logo is engraved on each product, extending the team’s brand into the restroom, greeting club-level guests with a unique and elegant aesthetic, Sloan points out.

“Their ability to engrave the Rockies logo on our club level faucets is a great additional benefit, and has been very well-received by our fans,” Gutierrez adds.