EVAPCO’s newest ESW closed-circuit evaporative cooler is a 14’ by 22’ “Big Box” ESW4 – now with up to 40% higher capacity than the 12’ by 18’ ESWB. The ESW4 is offered in more than 130 models with capacities between 270 to 670 nominal tons, and with fan motor sizes of 20 hp to 100 hp, EVAPCO says. The new ESW4 was designed to provide optimal capacity and energy efficiency in EVAPCO’s single, largest closedcircuit cooler cell, EVAPCO notes. With its CrossCool internal tube configuration and patented Sensi-Coil elliptical tube design, the ESW4 provides equal or greater capacity than competitive units that are larger in footprint (14’ by 26’) and higher in fan motor HP, the company says.

EVAPCO. www.evapco.com