A. O. Smith announced the launch of its Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater (CHP-120) for light commercial applications such as restaurants, schools, retail buildings or any facility which would traditionally use a standard commercial electric water heater. The Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater has the highest efficiency and 50% more storage capacity than any other commercial integrated heat pump water heater on the market, the company says. Built with contractors and facility managers in mind, the integrated design and front mounted components allow for an easy install and maintenance, A. O. Smith notes.

Thanks to an industry-leading 4.2 Coefficient of Performance, the high-efficiency heat pump can save up to $3,500 in annual energy costs as compared to a standard electric commercial water heater, the company says. The CHP-120 is Energy Star qualified, making it eligible for many local utility rebates.

“With reliability and efficiency built into our new commercial heat pump product, facility managers and commercial contractors can count on A. O. Smith to get the most demanding jobs done right with simple customization, installation and minimal maintenance,” says Matt Schulz, senior product manager of commercial new products at A. O. Smith. “As heat pump technology continues to develop as an industry trend, we are thrilled to add to our already popular product portfolio by introducing the commercial heat pump to the market. This product aligns with our dedication to increased energy efficiency for even the most demanding hot water needs.”

Multiple CHP-120 units can be manifold together to serve larger applications for redundancy to provide reliable hot water delivery even if units are isolated for maintenance. The source of strength and durability in the new CHP-120 model are the high output compressor, large coils and dual fans, allowing it to serve as an enhanced dehumidifier. Designed for maximum flexibility, these units fit in compact footprints. A. O. Smith. www.hotwater.com