Phyn and Uponor, the companies behind Phyn Plus Smart water assistant + shutoff and the Uponor Pro Squad, announced that its water monitoring and leak detection innovation is now even smarter with the introduction of a B2B multi-property dashboard, as well as several new features designed to improve the user experience and make homes safer. The device will also be commercially available in Europe beginning next month.

“Since introducing Phyn Plus to our industry just one year ago, several exciting enhancements have been made, further solidifying the brand positioning as the smartest, smart water leader in the residential building market,” says Bill Gray, president, Uponor North America. “And, with the introduction of our multi-property Phyn Dashboard, we have robust tools for builders, and property managers to get smarter about their water use to more efficiently run their businesses.”


The Phyn Dashboard

The Phyn Dashboard, the first B2B offering from Phyn, is a web-based portal that allows builders, homeowners associations, property management companies, insurance providers, utilities and more to understand water use, mitigate losses from leaks and address water conservation and sustainability mandates across their portfolios. Managers can spot trends and efficiencies, as well as mitigate leak damage by shutting off water remotely until a maintenance staff can arrive. The Phyn Dashboard is currently in pilot with select partners and will be available in spring 2019.


Freeze Alert

When the temperature drops, the water pressure slowly rises as ice crystals begin to form inside plumbing pipes. Phyn Plus sends alerts related to freeze pressure build-ups anywhere in the home before they lead to pipe bursts. Other leak detectors use a built-in temperature sensor to indicate the water is cold where the device is located, often in a utility closet or basement that may be warmer than an exposed pipe on the other side of the property.


Amazon Alexa Voice Commands

The smart home capabilities of Phyn Plus have been expanded through Amazon Alexa voice commands. Homeowners can now ask Alexa to provide updates on their water consumption and even turn on and off their water using their voice. Integration with Google Home will be available in Q2 2019.


Water Use Plus

Via a new app feature called Water Use Plus, homeowners now receive unprecedented insights about water consumption by fixture type (i.e. showers, sinks, toilets, irrigation, washing machine, etc.) throughout their homes.


Expanding into European Markets

Phyn Plus will be introduced to the European market at ISH in Frankfurt, Germany, on March 11, 2019. The device will be initially available in FinlandSwedenFrance and Spain, with more countries to follow in the near future. ISH is the world’s leading trade fair focusing on the responsible management of water and energy for buildings. The device will sell for approximately $900 USD incl. VAT + installation, through the professional network of Uponor plumbing partners and water specialists.

“We are delighted to bring Phyn Plus into the European market with support of our experienced plumbers and water specialists’ network,” says Jyri Luomakoski, president and CEO, Uponor. “Phyn’s superior intelligent water technology enables Uponor to deliver exceptional smart home water monitoring across Europe and to proactively help homeowners advance their plumbing into the digital era.”