John Lansing, CPD, LEED GA, a plumbing designer with Interface Engineering in Portland, Oregon and a member of ASPE's Portland Chapter, was awarded the 2018 World Plumbing Council (WPC) Education and Training Scholarship. This is the first time since 2005 that an applicant from the U.S. has been awarded this scholarship, according to ASPE.

Lansing's interest in studying plumbing codes and standards in other countries and comparing those to U.S. practices led to his applying for the scholarship. He will spend the first half of 2019 studying British plumbing engineering standards and then spend three weeks in London and Edinburgh for a hands-on review of British plumbing engineering practices. The culmination of the scholarship will be a report featuring comparisons of British methods with those used in the United States under the International Plumbing Code and Uniform Plumbing Code and how British technologies may be utilized in the U.S.

"This is an exciting opportunity and an incredible honor to have my study proposal granted by the World Plumbing Council," Lansing said. "Receiving this scholarship will enable me to pursue a long-standing goal of mine to gain insight on plumbing engineering practices from across the Atlantic and share perspectives with the greater plumbing engineering community. I hope my study will generate discussion on plumbing theory and how each region takes unique approaches to addressing similar problems."

ASPE has been a full member of the World Plumbing Council since 2011, and the society regularly contributes to WPC initiatives as part of its mission to protect the health and safety of people around the world through the delivery of safe, sustainable plumbing systems, according to a press release from ASPE.